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Centerfuge is a place where you will find the accumulated knowledge of 20 years of wasting ones life writing stories in several different genres, including Fantasy, Sci-Fi and a host of others.  Put your feet up and enjoy. 

 Centerfuge - The West - This is the latest version of my map of Centerfuge (now well into its probable 50+ version) - I just started on the finishing touches (I.E putting the place names on it) Caldar is on the lower 1/3 right portion of the map between the two mountainous chains on the coast.


Mythology of Centerfuge - I have attempted a more organic approach to the mythology of the realm. Basically instead of you wondering why certain gods are there (hello tyr on Forgotten realms). I tried to explain it. Its still being worked on though 

Mythology.doc Mythology.doc
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 Unity: Draft copy - reference the Master Map it takes up the most western portion on the Southern Coast 


The North Kingdoms

My favourite short story about my favourite Dragon

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