The following is an extract from the Emperors personal secretary:

Sir as you requested I did some digging and have come up with the following individual to act as a guardian of your newly discovered son. As you can see Quintus Oomenius has an exemplary record with numerous awards for heroism. Although he is now retired, you could easily reactivate him; as is your discretion.

All individuals who I have interviewed testify to the fact that it was only Quinn’s all but superhuman efforts that managed to keep most of his commanding officers alive (nearly half surviving!). Additionally it appears that Quinn managed to keep those that did perish alive for a time far in excess of what could be reasonably deducted by their actions. Finally those that did perish died in events that were brought about in what could only be charitably described as complete, total and utter gross incompetence.

The following list are career highlights and are by no means exhaustive as this is simply his last three years before retiring.


Battles of Note

Liquidation of Talanagrius - Defender

Decimation of Landalon - Defender

Massacre of Lairenus – Defender –

Bloodbath of Wellforth marsh - Defender

Atrocity of Outalana - Defender –

The Crushing of Udanalas - One of five Survivors (carrying out the other four)

Slaughter of Dalanasus, - One of three Survivors (carrying out the other two) - it must be noted one of them did appear have Quinn's footprint on his face.

Debacle of Ghoul Night. - Only survivor

 Military awards

·        Bronze dagger Bravery award: For actions during “carnage of Clestarius” – Official citation reads in short. After officer killed for attempting to placate barbarians; lead remainder of troops to safety.

·        Bronze dagger Bravery award: For actions during Butchery of Kings crossing – Official citation reads in short. Took over reconnaissance party after Officer got lost and became incapacitated due to crying to much – managed to play intricate part in eventual victory at Kings crossing.

·        Bronze dagger Bravery award:  Official citation reads in short - for actions after Single handily saving forty men after they were mistakenly left behind in the forest of unspeakable darkness

·        Gold Arrow Bravery award: for actions during Eradication of Elanasus – Managed to extricate entire company of men (unknown fact is that he disobeying direct order and officer was subsequently killed.

·        Gold Arrow Bravery award winner (Nominated for Silver Sword – note silver sword is higher than gold arrow). Official citation reads in short. For actions in steadfast defensive measures taken during the Annihilation of Helgots Peak which followed commanding officers panicked fleeing, AND setting fire to all supplies and opening the gate to the attacking horde. Due to actions most inhabitants escaped with lives.  It should be noted sir, that most believe he was not given Silver sword due to commanding officer being a high placed noble; which is something I can not disagree with.


the following panels were my very first attempts at the comic and as you can plainly see were full of technical errors - I also moved away quickly from D and D specific jokes into a more generic form of humour. 

Jan 18/2010 - Edition, SMedition 

Jan 15/2009 

Opportunity strikes

Jan 12/2010
- A Proof is a Proof  - stupid typo - fingers be more smart!

Jan 10/2010 - A Smite by Any Name   

Jan 04/2010 

Let's Get this Party Started 

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